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Story Booths LLC - Photo booth rental Company in Milton, Delaware 
Photo booth rental for special events
Weddings, birthdays, holiday parties, graduations, reunions, school events, anniversaries, fundraisers, corporate events

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once upon a time..... not so very long ago and not so very far away two friends,  Heather and Claire, started a business...

their adventure started, like most adventures do, with a great idea.... the idea turned into a plan, the plan took some hard work but with the support of some pretty amazing friends and family (which is better than any fairy god mother!!) in April of 2011 they launched Story booths.

For almost 5 years Story booths has been providing a fun, affordable, professional and high quality photo booth to events all over Delaware and beyond and continues to thrive…  

We are working on our happily ever after …. We will keep you posted….