how many pictures can i take?

as many as you want - unlimited black and white or color pictures

how big is the booth?

a little bit bigger than a parking meter..

wait- is that different?

yep - sure is ... we just got a brand new t12 photo booth ... state of the art with a light ring and adjustable height

freestanding open air booth...

so - what does that mean for the clients?

it means we can do more events and for less cost ... it used to take us two hours to set up and an hour to take down -now it is a 20 minute process ... and because of the adjustable height unit we no longer have to worry about getting our guests to the height of the camera - we can get the camera to adjust to them ....

does that mean no more enclosed booth?

nope ... you can still opt for the enclosure if you would like ..  the new booth fits in it with no problem..

or you can use our backdrop or make one of your own ...

how many people can fit in a picture?

a lot ...see our gallery for some ideas ....

Story Booths LLC